Dods has a twenty-year track record of delivering skills-based programmes. We partner with governments, businesses, international institutions, central and development banks, academia, and UN agencies to devise learning and development solutions that help improve people, organisational, and systems performance.

Having worked in more than 40 countries, we have extensive networks across different regions. These include Western Europe, the Western Balkans, Central America and the Caribbean, South Asia, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our broad networks ensure we can deliver programmes that are of a consistent quality across a range of geographical locations, combining local with global expertise.  

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What are the areas of training?

  • Public Sector Policy Development
    Introductory and Advanced Policy Analysis and Management; Advising, Briefing and Drafting Policy; Communicating Policy Effectively, Using Evidence in Developing and Evaluating Policy; Linking Scientific Evidence to Policy Making
  • Strategic Communications
    Media Skills for Executives; Effective Writing and Presenting; Writing for Ministers; Communicating with Influence; Negotiation Skills; Conducting Difficult Conversations; Assertiveness in the workplace; Stakeholder Engagement; Using Social Media for Influencing; Presentation Skills

  • Public Administration
    Essential Skills and Ethics for Public Sector Administrators; Project Management, Knowledge Management; Improving Workplace Effectiveness - Time Management, Building Resilience; Managing your Productivity, Developing and Retaining Public Sector Workforce

  • Governance
    Public Expenditure Scrutiny Skills for Parliamentarians; Understanding Parliament Structures and Processes; Drafting Legislation; Anti-Corruption, Anti-Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering in Public Sector Domains

  • Leadership and Management
    Introductory and Advanced Leadership and Management in the Public Sector; Managing a Team, Tasks and Self; Action Learning for Leaders and Aspiring Leaders; Coaching for Leaders and Managers; Remote Supervision and Management

What do we offer?
  • Bespoke learning solutions
  • Blended learning including group work, action learning sets, mock interviews, role plays and round tables
  • Hosting study visits and conferences with experts
  • 1-to-1 and group coaching
  • Consultancy
  • Free webinars on topical issues
  • Virtual knowledge products including podcasts, recorded interviews, panel discussions
  • CPD/ILM Certification
Our Associates
  • Our strength is in the diversity of our in-house and network of our UK and international associates all of whom are leading practitioners and experts in their respective fields.

  • We can draw upon their regional context knowledge, language skills and thematic expertise.

  • This allows us to produce highly relevant and informative training programmes for our clients.

  • They have extensive experience in public and private sectors as well as with global and international organizations.

  • All trainers are proficient in interactive virtual training methodologies.


Contact us

Christine Tokar

Senior International Project Manager

+44 (0)20 7593 5669