Dods Training offers award-winning policy, communications, media and leadership training for people who work in or around government, parliament and the public sector. We help you to achieve better outcomes with learning and development skills from exceptional trainers and specialist content.

With more than 25 years’ experience in skills-based training in over 40 countries, we design, develop and deliver the finest in-person, hybrid and online training in:

  • policy making & governance
  • leadership & management
  • communication skills & media handling

Our unrivalled network of 200 high-calibre trainers includes former MPs, and Senior Civil Servants in communications and policy. Specialists in their industry as well as experts in coaching and facilitation, they deliver critical knowledge and insight in powerful ways to drive real change and measurable improvements.

Dods Training is the learning and development division of Political Engagement Ltd.

Dods Training

Why Dods Training?

  • we are UK and international leaders in our field
  • we offer training solutions for public sector organisations, private companies and individuals
  • we tailor make courses to match your training needs
  • we have a network of more than 150 expert practitioner trainers

What's available?

Open courses: scheduled courses that anyone can sign up for, on topics ranging from extending personal communication skills to developing political awareness.

Tailored courses: designed and developed for your organisation after consultation and identifying your training needs, our courses can be for small groups or organisation wide.

UK & international training: Dods Training provides specifically tailored courses and open courses for UK clients and individuals, and also runs courses and workshops around the world, as well as hosting international delegations on study visits to the UK.


Dods Training has a 20 year plus track record of designing and developing courses and workshops for clients across public and private sectors.

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“This training was really useful for myself & team, and gave some good tips to consider when reviewing guidance in the Commission. I feel the training will greatly assist caseworkers so long as they go on to implement some of these ideas e.g. currently writing letters with many hyperlinks to online guidance - the idea of cutting out only the text needed by the reader or referring to related paragraphs will result in less queries coming back into the Commission for clarity. Amount covered fit the time allowed for the session, as it was so informative and useful it could have easily lasted longer”.

Kate Millward, Learning and Development Coordinator, Charity Commission

"We approached Dods to develop a bespoke policy management diploma. What sets Dods apart from other training providers is their attention to detail, access to exceptional tutors and guest speakers, and considerable flexibility in delivering a solution that fully met our needs. We were also impressed by the commitment Dods showed in getting to know our organisation - this was invaluable and made us feel an important part of the development process. 

Feedback on the content and quality of the diploma has been exceptional and has generated significant interest from other Government entities. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dods. They are very much a key partner for us in helping the organisation achieve its vision." 

Simon Newman, Strategic Adviser, Abu Dhabi Police


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Head of UK Training

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