Dods Training offers microlearning opportunities through our new, dedicated online platform. We have worked with online learning professionals to create easy-to-access training covering Policy Making and Briefing a Minister.

Designed to complement our live training programmes, these short, online video courses are delivered by our high-calibre associate trainers, ranging from former MPs and Ministers to Senior Civil Servants.

Our pre-recorded sessions present an affordable, time-efficient way to train your team that suits their busy schedules. 

While the two courses complement each other, they can be completed as individual courses depending on your learning needs.

Prices start from £375 + VAT. 

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Introduction to Policy-Making 

This 20-30 minute introduction to policy-making will empower your team to master the basics.  

What’s included: 

  • The Policy Cycle: ROAMEF 
  • Applying the policy cycle 
  • Understanding the problem 
  • Real-world policy-making 
  • The Policy Profession Standards 
  • The all-important hexagons 
  • Why the standards matter 

Briefing a Minister 

As a Civil Servant working in policy, it’s critical to learn to give excellent briefings to busy ministers. This course features extensive FAQs with both experienced Civil Servants and politicians—giving participants an inside track to better briefings. 

Topics include: 

  • Oral and written briefings  
  • How to prepare for a briefing 
  • What ministers want 
  • Understanding the political context 
  • What makes a bad briefing—and a good one? 
  • The role of the Special Adviser (SPAD) 


Meet the Trainers
Simon Newman
Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

Simon is an experienced trainer with a strong background in policy development and delivery. A former UK Civil Servant, Simon spent most of his career working on domestic security policy, including the Government's response to the Bichard Inquiry and the terrorist bombings of July 2005. He was also a Programme Director within the Home Office where he had responsibility for delivering the National Police Air Service.   

Tony Shaw
Trainer, Facilitator and Coach

Following a 30-year career in the Civil Service Tony took over as Director of Development at Dods Training in 2007. His role includes designing challenging policy programmes such as an ILM accredited Diploma in policy leadership and management. He delivers a wide range of policy, governance and communications training, liaises with business contacts and manages our pool of associate trainers.   

Caroline Flint
Former Minister for DWP, Regional Affairs, Communities and Local Government

Caroline Flint’s experience is one of strategic leadership, scrutiny and governance.

Twenty-two years on the frontline of UK politics, six as a Government Minister; five as Shadow Secretary of State. First woman MP for Don Valley (1997-2019). Chair of a key All-Party Parliamentary Group and Select Committee Member. Well-connected across the Government and Opposition parties, and within the policy and academic communities.

Experienced spokesperson in domestic and global media. Regular public policy commentator on TV, radio, podcasts and in print.

She has achieved legislative change in Government and opposition – delivering the Smoke Free England legislation in Government.  In opposition, her relentless pressure for an energy price freeze and reform of the energy market led to a CMA Inquiry.  Post 2015, Caroline worked cross-party to secure the energy price cap which came in to force in 2019. 

Norman Baker
Former Minister for Department of Transport

Rt Hon Norman Baker served as a Liberal Democrat MP for the Sussex constituency of Lewes between 1997 and 2015. In opposition, he won many awards including Opposition Politician of the Year, and Questioner of the Year. In 2010, he became a government minister, first at the Department for Transport and then as deputy to Home Secretary Theresa May at the Home Office. He was inducted into the Privy Council in 2014. 

He undertakes a wide range of work, including training civil servants, serving as Director of External Affairs for the UK's leading transport charity, and undertaking regular broadcasting on TV and radio. He is the author of three published books.

Paul Richards
Former Special Advisor, University Lecturer and Writer

Paul Richards is a trainer and writer. He has worked with Dods for 10 years, delivering courses for civil servants and leaders in the public and voluntary sectors. He has worked in and around Westminster and Whitehall for 25 years, including four years as a special adviser in three departments. He has delivered courses in Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania. His latest book is How to be a Spin Doctor, published in 2016.


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