25 May 2023 - 1.30pm
Trainer: Tina Seth

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More for Less has become the defining requirement for those delivering public services at a time of high inflation and funding constraints following the impact of national and global events of recent years.

But what would More for Less look like and how can we achieve it?

This new highly relevant webinar will provide insights into how More for Less can be achieved in these challenging times drawing on the experiences of two speakers who have been at the centre of overseeing better public service delivery.

David Finlay will bring his knowledge of best practice in planning and delivering public services gained as a former Director of the National Audit Office and more recently as a member of the Boards of organisations spanning the NHS, youth services and infrastructure. Lorraine Cox, as the Director of STAR Procurement, an award winning, public sector shared service based in Greater Manchester, will outline a practical example of how collaboration between public authorities has led to efficiencies, savings and secured added social value in providing contracted services for areas of Greater Manchester.

The webinar, which will cover topics such as focussing spending on key priorities, achieving economies through collaboration and identifying more efficient ways of working, will also include an interactive Q&A session with the two speakers.

Watch the replay here.