29 Nov 2023 - 2pm
Trainer: Admin

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In the face of sustained challenges and rising demand, government all too often relies on the resilience of individual civil servants to maintain adequate standards of policy and service delivery.

Staff resilience can be taken as a given – an always available and cost-free resource – but in recent years the daily experience of continuous change, uncertainty and public criticism from all sides has contributed to an increased sense of risk and isolation among officials. In turn, this can lead to both individual burn out and reduced organisational effectiveness.

So how can leaders in the civil service approach resilience in a more holistic and impactful way?

In this webinar, our panel will consider the importance of both organisational and individual resilience in delivering public outcomes. We will discuss:

  • What’s meant by resilience and how it is affected by ‘new normal’ working practices
  • The impact of sustained periods of uncertainty on individuals and operations
  • Recent research on resilience – and the importance of developing resilience at an individual, managerial and corporate level in order to secure a more sustainable delivery model across the civil service.

Watch the replay here.