28 Apr 2023| Online

Commissioning and finance, Influencing skills, Stakeholder engagement, Writing skills

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Writing well is a vital skill in the professional environment. Good writing reflects well on the author, it demonstrates professionalism, attention to detail and intelligence. Good business decisions also depend on clear communication. 

Whether you are an experienced writer or new to a role that requires more writing, we can all benefit from reviewing our writing techniques to further hone our skills. 

This interactive workshop will help participants write clear, conscience written communications that are targeted at their audience.

Exercises and discussion will enable participants develop these skills and overcome any perceives barriers.

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who needs to effectively communicate in the written form.

Learning outcomes

Participants will:

· Learn the basic principles of high-quality written work (accuracy, brevity, clarity)

· Have a greater understanding of what their audience needs and wants from their written work

· Learn which information the audience needs, and which information can be left out

· Become confident in the use of plain English and inclusive, reader-friendly writing styles 

· Discover new editing and proofreading tools and techniques 

Organisational benefit

More effective writing that is fit for purpose will create efficiencies and speed up decision making.