13 Jun 2022| online

Commissioning and finance, Influencing skills, Stakeholder engagement, Writing skills

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Writing well is a vital skill in the professional environment. While we continue to work from home, we rely even more on our writing to communicate with colleagues, stakeholders and Ministers. Understanding how to draft effective written communications is a fundamental skill in order to achieve your objectives and create efficiencies.

This webinar will help participants write clear, conscience communications that are targeted at their audience. It will give them an understanding of what information the audience needs in order to take appropriate action or make decisions.

Exercises and discussion will enable participants develop these skills and overcome any perceives barriers.

The following agenda is suited towards a full day course. It can be adapted into a shorter, half day course by leaving out certain sections. We recommend keeping it as a full day course in order for participants to learn all the principles of effective writing.

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who needs to effectively communicate in the written form.

Learning outcomes

Participants will:

· Have a greater understanding of what their audience needs and wants from their written work

· Learn which information the audience needs, and which information can be left out

· Be able to adapt their style, tone, language and content to suit different audiences

· Become confident in the use of plain English

· Learn the basic principles of high-quality written work (accuracy, brevity, clarity)

Organisational benefit

More effective writing that is fit for purpose will create efficiencies and speed up decision making.