28 Oct 2019| London

Central government, Local government

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Public Sector

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Local public services are delivered by many different agencies. Councils are at the heart of that matrix, providing 600 different services and spending 25% of all government expenditure. Councils, as the democratically elected body representing local citizens, also play a key role in trying to join up a range of disparate agencies’ service to best serve their local communities. 

Local government in the UK was always complex; in structure and in the different styles of operation in each of the 350 plus councils that comprise the sector. Since 2010 councils have had their budgets reduced by 1/3 with more to come. Combined with the Coalition Government’s reforms of City Deals, City Mayors, Police and Crime Commissioners, Academy and Free schools has transformed the way councils operate, how they engage with other public sector and community partners and work with the private sector.

This course will help you make sense of this, and feel more confident in working with, and providing services to local government.  

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who wants a better understanding of how local government works and how it interacts with others to provide effective local governance and services. The course will help you work with, influence and sell more effectively to local government. Whether you are a newcomer or an old hand wanting to refresh or reflect on your experience.  

Learning objectives & outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand recent developments and be informed on future policy and organisational changes in the sector
  • Be familiar with the language, culture and internal organisation of local authorities
  • Understand the structures and responsibilities of local authorities
  • Understand how local democracy works and how to engage with councils

Organisational benefit

Organisations will be able to draw on a wider pool of staff who understand the structure and functions of local government; are conversant in the language and culture of local authorities and can apply this knowledge back in the workplace.