09 Feb 2021| Online

Communication skills, Influencing skills, Personal development, Stakeholder engagement

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Private Sector

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Public Sector

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£395 +VAT

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This course is for anyone wanting to develop their Negotiation skills both face to face and virtual. It will rely on the most up to date research of successful approaches in the Covid 19 virtual world introducing new approaches and ideas. The course is highly interactive, participants will learn and practice l the essential skills required to successfully identify the need and opportunity for negotiations and the way to prepare, lead and adapt during negotiations. The Negotiations Program is based on experiential learning and you will be engaged in negotiations with fellow participants, receive feedback on your skills, personal negotiation style and reflect on your own performance. You will leave confident in the ability to conduct successful negotiations.

Who will benefit from attending?

Everyone who wants to learn more about negotiations in their work to create value within their immediate teams and larger organization. They will be introduced to a proven framework to apply immediately following the course along with the key behaviours and communication for impactful negotiations.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this 1day intensive course you will have learnt:

  • A toolkit for success to overcome the ‘barriers’ of virtual negotiations
  • How to identify opportunities to create value through negotiation
  • Improve their skills to prepare for and manage the whole negotiation process
  • Learn 7 Negotiation Behaviours and Habits for Enhanced Success
  • Adapt their negotiation approach for better outcomes
  • Become conversant with the ‘Harvard Way of Negotiating
  • Have a solid understanding of how to develop, use, and adapt negotiation objectives and strategy
  • Have attained familiarity with a wide range of negotiation, influencing and persuasion techniques
  • Be more confident in dealing with difficult scenarios and negotiation partners
  • Recognize your own and your counterparts negotiating style and develop the confidence to fully leverage it
  • Receive valuable feedback from an experienced expert

Organisational benefit

Organisations will benefit from having a wider group of colleagues with increased knowledge and experience of a range of negotiations whether between suppliers, clients, other managers, or external stakeholders.

In addition, negotiating virtually and online and looking at the most up to date research of successful approaches in the Covid 19 virtual world.

Teaching Methodology

Presentation, Simulations - Practice, Case Studies, Video.