04 Mar 2020| London

Communication skills, Personal development

Trainer: Jo Clift
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£395 +VAT

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Do you ever find yourself needing to articulate your ideas rapidly on-the-spot? Do you ever find your mind blanking out under pressure? Thinking is often taken for granted as a skill, but like any skill there are easier and more effective ways of doing it that can lead to articulating your ideas effectively - even when put under pressure. The secret is to have the right pre-prepared frameworks to build your thoughts around. Once your mind is comfortable with the structure, it's easy to fill in the gaps.

In this hands-on, one-day workshop you can learn how to gather and articulate your thoughts concisely, clearly and convincingly. A wide range of techniques will be explored and rehearsed to help you make the most of your mind – taking less and less time with practice - until you can truly, think on-the-spot.

You will also stop and reflect on “the inside out”. What it is that is going on in your head that influences your ability to respond, and learn techniques to make that work for you.

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who wants to learn techniques for articulating their ideas rapidly on the spot.

Learning outcomes

  • Structure your thoughts quickly, even when put ‘on the spot’
  • Articulate your ideas concisely
  • Be authentic in your responses which will generate massive engagement
  • Fill up your toolkit with processes and techniques.

Organisational benefit

Delegates will be able to communicate ideas more effectively so that they can enhance their overall performance at work and deliver better results to the organisation.