24 Jul 2024| Online

Influencing skills, Personal development

Trainer: Paul Richards
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Private Sector

£595 +VAT

£545 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)

Public Sector

£445 +VAT

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£395 +VAT

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To influence policy, you need to understand the complexities of the changing UK constitutional set-up, how it all fits together in practice, and what the points of access and influence are.  This course will help delegates understand: 

  • The UK constitution and how it functions day to day

  • How policies are introduced and developed

  • How the UK devolved system of governance works

  • How ministers, officials and advisers interact

  • The role of Parliament

  • How decision-makers are influenced, both internally and externally.

This is a lively, interactive day, with a blend of theory and practical tips and advice. There are discussions, exercises and a visiting expert speaker.

Who will benefit from attending?

Anyone who seeks to gain insight into the inner workings of government and politics, with a view to influencing and changing policy. This course benefits lobbyists, policy advisers, campaigners, and those seeking influence on behalf of a company, charity, NGO, agency or campaigning organisation. It also benefits those working within governmental institutions and agencies who want to understand the wider picture.

Learning outcomes

You will have learnt:

  • The interrelationship between government and parliament, the set-up of Whitehall and departments, and the implications of an unwritten constitution

  • How Brexit impacts on our system of law

  • The practical day-to-day workings of ministerial life

  • The role of civil servants and special advisers

  • Effective ways to influence policy, and traps to avoid

  • How to create an effective plan to influence government policy.

Organisational benefit

Organisations will benefit from understanding how government functions, how it deals with external bodies, how policies can be influenced and changed, and how to have a presence within Westminster and Whitehall, and beyond.