22 Sep 2020| Online

Communication skills, Influencing skills

Trainer: Amanda Tooth
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Open course prices

Private Sector

£595 +VAT

£545 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)

Public Sector

£445 +VAT

£395 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)


£395 +VAT

£345 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)

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This interactive remote training programme consists of two 2-hour online sessions and off-line activities completed before, between and after the sessions.  The focus of the programme is to enable you to develop your ability to more effectively positively influencing people and get them on-board with your ideas and proposals; whether it is colleagues, clients or your manager. 

Who will benefit from attending? 

Anyone who wants to learn how to positively influence people or improve their current skills in order to achieved more effective outcomes.  

Learning outcomes 

  • On completion of this programme participants will: 
  • Be able to more effectively win people over in meetings, presentations and negotiations   
  • Achieve their desired outcomes more readily  
  • Be able to sell their ideas, points of view or proposals more successfully 
  • Have the extra edge at work. 

Organisational benefit 

Participants will able to achieve more effective results by using key tools to positively influence people leading to enhanced performance at work and improved outcomes for the organisation.