25 Jan 2024| Online

Central government, Influencing skills, Legislation, Personal development

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Private Sector

£595 +VAT

£545 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)

Public Sector

£445 +VAT

£395 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)


£395 +VAT

£345 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)

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This interactive one-day course is designed to give participants an overview of how the UK Government works and the role and impact of ministers. It uses current examples to develop insight into the way policies develop from the ideas of campaigners and lobbyists through public consultation to legislation. 

Who will benefit from attending? 

Everyone who needs and wants to increase their understanding of the structure, personalities and processes of Government. This includes building insight into the roles of ministers and civil servants and understanding the influences in the decision-making process.    

Learning outcomes  

  1. At the end of the course participants will have: 
  2. Developed their knowledge of the structure and functions of government departments, Parliament and the wider public sector – including the impact of devolution; 
  3. Know the roles of key players from ministers to civil servants; 
  4. Enhanced their understanding of how ideas and proposals are handled in government; 
  5. Understood how ministers interact with Parliament; 
  6. Explored how Government uses communications to inform and shape behaviours. 

Organisational benefit 

Organisations will be able to draw on staff who understand the processes of government and the political environment in which policy-making professionals operate.