16 Mar 2021| Online

Personal development

Trainer: Bernard Genge
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Open course prices

Private Sector

£595 +VAT

£545 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)

Public Sector

£445 +VAT

£395 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)


£395 +VAT

£345 +VAT (if registering more than 1 place)

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Who it is for?

Anyone who would like to learn what it takes to bounce back from adversity, be prepared for the next challenge that comes along and what it takes to be a highly resilient person who embraces change and has a success mind-set.

Learning outcomes

By the end of today you will know:

  • Why personal resilience is so important in a complex and changing world
  • How resilient you are now
  • How to process negativity
  • How to bring more positivity into your life
  • How to develop the thinking patterns of a resilient, successful person
  • Practical actions to develop your self-confidence
  • How to make good decisions
  • How to manage anxiety/concerns
  • How to embrace change
  • How to set meaningful goals and focus on the things you can influence
  • What you can do to build your physical resilience
  • How to respond rather than react to challenges (including people)
  • The essentials to be assertive, prevent and resolve conflict
  • The essentials to prevent and manage stress
  • The importance of developing your own support network
  • How to rather than create an action plan that so few people really commit to, make immediate change, and build on that

Personal and organisational benefits of attending

For any organisation to be successful, resilient and responsive to change in unpredictable environment it needs a groundswell of people with high degrees of the three c’s, namely competence, confidence and commitment. This inspirational webinar/masterclass will provide a framework for developing the personal skills to achieve this.