08 Dec 2022 - 2pm
Trainer: Katie Driver

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We’ve all seen examples of policies that looked great on paper but failed to make any impact. There are many reasons why this happens, but we think the failure of strategic thinking is one of the biggest. It leads to silo-based working, short-term thinking and fire-fighting, resulting in disconnected, poorly-prioritised and rushed policy responses which risk doing more harm than good.

The Dods Strategic Space model helps delegates understand the vital importance of strategic thinking to their work in complex, dynamic systems. We use it to help delegates explore how to find the time and space to think, and we offer tools and tips for thinking well. Delegates can also use the model to reflect on the strategic health of their team or organisation – whether there are systems and ways of working which support good strategic thinking – and consider how to nurture the capacity of the wider system to think well.

This webinar will introduce you to the Strategic Space model and explore how it could help your policymakers to more successful outcomes.