31 Jan 2023 - 2.30pm
Trainer: Bernard Genge

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Most of us experience first-hand the ongoing turbulence and uncertainty in our world, workplace, neighbourhood, and family life. Some experts predict the next 50 years will present us with as much change as the last few hundred. 

How we navigate this change and uncertainty is determined by a set of core assumptions/beliefs we possess about ourselves, the world and the meaningfulness and randomness of events, and then how we respond to these events. 

This webinar provides answers to the question – Am I physically, psychologically, and emotionally ready for whatever challenge comes along in 2023 and beyond?  

The session introduces some tips and techniques to help you prepare for the unexpected, sometimes stressful circumstances that can happen in our work, lives, or society and to always grow stronger as a result. 

You will learn about:

  • the key physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of those who display resilience through adversity
  • the concept of personal continuous improvement in these key areas, to learn through adversity and adapt easily
  • how to be inspired, confident and hopeful for your own future
  • a powerful technique to have a high capacity to deal with discomfort and difficult situations
  • a way to an enriched life from dependence to independence through to interdependence