30 Sep 2021 - 11am
Trainer: Sarah Wachter

If you have any questions regarding our webinar series, please contact:

Alice McDavid - Head of UK Training
E. alice.mcdavid@dodsgroup.com
T. +44 (0)20 7593 5714

This webinar will:

Give policymakers, managers and administrators, activists, and influencers a sampling of the techniques the world’s most effective writers and communicators use, from leading journalists to the world’s greatest communicators.

Who should attend?

It will be of interest to those responsible for writing a range of materials to persuade or to influence stakeholders to adopt a position or course of action. What will you gain:

  • An overview of the principles underlying effective writing
  • A sampling of techniques to make your writing stand out and be remembered
  • A checklist of editing techniques to give your writing greater authority and clarity