Writing Skills

Tue 24 Aug 2021

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Writing Skills

Dods has worked extensively with Government departments, their agencies, and the wider public sector to develop writing skills that reflect their standards, aims and objectives.

Dods trainers teach drafting skills using core models and planning tools that translate across different organisations as well as tailoring examples to the organisation so that the learning is immediately relevant and applied.

Specific areas that we cover:

  • Board reports
  • Technical reports
  • Policy briefings and submissions
  • Freedom of Information and Parliamentary Questions
  • General correspondence with the public and stakeholders
  • Ministerial correspondence
  • Writing for social media
  • Press communications

Our approach to learning is facilitative and based on coaching and reflective practice. What this means in practice is that our facilitators will work with your delegates to develop an understanding of specific tools and models to support developing the right drafting style.

We cover drafting for different purposes, for example making technical reports accessible to non-technical audiences and persuading and influencing.

Our facilitators are ideally suited to this type of requirement having held senior positions in Government and the wider public sector in communications, policy and operational roles. This means they have been practitioners in writing board reports, policy papers and briefings, so bring their understanding of complexity in public sector policy and the presentation of it to the training.

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