The Key to Having Confidence at Work

Mon 11 Apr 2022

By Amanda Tooth

The Key to Having Confidence at Work

Confidence is not something you are born with or without.  It’s not like being tall or having blue eyes.  It is true that some people seem to be born with a natural disposition towards higher levels of confidence, but everybody is capable of feeling more confident. 

Confidence is a state of mind; it comes from a feeling of well-being, acceptance of who you are, and a belief in your own skills and abilities.  Confidence is not static, it can increase and decrease depending upon how we feel at any one time, and how we feel about a particular situation or task.  It is possible to feel supremely confident in certain areas of your life and at the same time cripplingly unconfident in other areas.  Confidence can be impacted by external factors both negatively and positively and it is intricately connected to our self-esteem, internal dialogue and beliefs. 

The important thing to remember is that confidence can be developed.  With the right tools and techniques, you can learn to manage the fluctuations in order to create greater consistency, and enable you to develop your confidence both at work, and in your personal life.

My top tips for improved confidence are:

  1. Develop your awareness
  2. Prioritise growth and development
  3. Learn to take positive risks

Perhaps the first risk might be to participate in the Confidence at Work training offered by Dods?  What have you got to lose?

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