Our Guest Speaker Network

Fri 20 May 2016

Our Guest Speaker Network

Across our Open, UK Bespoke and International courses we work to ensure our delegates get the opportunity to hear from relevant high level experts who can share their experiences and advice. Expert guest speakers add immense value to training programmes and Dods Training has a fantastic network of speakers we can call upon to share their knowledge.

We have built relationships with Peers, current and former Ministers, MPs, and Senior Civil Servants who continue to share their wealth of experience with our delegates. They are able to bring to life the workings of Parliament and Government through personal anecdotes and engaging in open discussions. Sessions on the role of an MP in Westminster, how Ministers work with civil servants in their departments, and a Peer’s view on the Westminster week in the House of Lords are a few examples of popular guest speaker sessions within our programmes.

Bringing together speakers from different organisations and sectors is also a great way of demonstrating complex policy processes and mechanisms. In our policy programmes with the British Academy, Manchester Metropolitan University, as well as our International programme with the Abu Dhabi Police, we brought together high profile speakers from Parliament, central government, local government, academia, and public sector policy research institutions to illustrate the different components and perspectives involved.

Our commitment to maintain the high quality of our programmes means we are always reaching out to new speakers and seeking to expand our networks. Our delegates can benefit from interacting with experts at the heart of Parliament and Government policymaking. 

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