Meet Tony Shaw, Development Director at Dods Training

Mon 09 May 2022

By Admin

Meet Tony Shaw, Development Director at Dods Training

For the last 20 years, I’ve designed and delivered training that unlocks the secrets of the mysterious and hidden world of policy making. Drawing on my experience in the Civil Service and that of the ministers, parliamentarians and senior civil servants we work with at Dods, we’ve developed a range of topics to help anyone on the inside or outside of government on any aspect of governance and policy making.

Listening to clients about their many challenges in understanding and working in government policy environment is always the first step. Understanding their needs gives us the base to design bespoke development events that help staff and managers with the skills and attributes they need to be successful.

The most recent project we have developed here at Dods is a policy basecamp. Each basecamp is tailored for each department or organisation that needs to develop new staff in policy work. From there we suggest follow up learning to continue a policy professional’s development path. In March 2022 alone I delivered and supported on 15 courses. These courses ranged from DWP policy base camp, working with UCL postgraduates on Negotiation and Communication Skills, delivering select committee training for DLUHC and supporting another associate to deliver legislation training for the Welsh Government.

Outside of work hours, we lead groups down Whitehall to unravel the secrets that lie underground and behind closed doors. Someone on the last walk said, “Thank you so much for the fabulous tour - I've been walking around Whitehall for the past 5 years and had no idea how much I didn't know.” Please get in touch if you want to arrange a walk and raise money for Bowel Cancer UK.

It's safe to say that the work and opportunities at Dods training are varied. We work closely with clients to deliver training that will meet their overall aims and development needs. For more information about bespoke training courses, click here.

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