Help! How do I deal with the new (Ab)Normal?

Tue 23 Jun 2020

Help! How do I deal with the new (Ab)Normal?

We are looking at the Pandemic from a societal and mental health perspective, and thinking about what implications the current crisis has for our mental health. Some of the topics we cover are: 

  • Are humans designed to withstand this level of change? 
  • Do people have different responses to a crisis and within personal timescales? 
  • What does the daily risk assessment we are all facing mean for us and our mental health? 
  • How might the crisis affect the mental health of us as a nation in the long term? 

We are also sharing our own reflections from the last few weeks, challenges that we have faced, silver linings that we have found, and a few things that we have developed that have worked well for us personally. 

Meet the trainers: 

Richard has worked as a civil service psychologist, policy official and then as a consultant and coach for DODS and in other sectors specialising in policy development, career decision making, and personal effectiveness including selection for the Senior Civil Service and BAME development groups. For the past 12 years, following a career retraining, he has also worked part-time in the NHS and private practice as a psychotherapist. He maintains an active interest in mental health policy and delivery both in client organisations and in his professional membership bodies. 

Jo worked at the heart of Whitehall for over 20 years, mainly at the Cabinet Office across a range of policy and strategy roles. She is now a consultant for organisations who want to understand and work better with Government, an executive coach to senior teams, and an Associate Trainer for Dods. Jo runs courses on resilience and stress management and is a Non-Executive Director for the Government Internal Audit Agency and the Institute of Osteopathy.

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