Dods Training - ‘New Year, New Me’

Wed 01 Feb 2017

Dods Training - ‘New Year, New Me’

With a new year comes new year resolutions. The bid for a ‘New Year, New Me’mantra and the 2-week determination to turn your life around somehow. Unsurprisingly 2017 top new year’s resolution at 21.4% was to lose weight and eat healthily. Life and self-improvements came in second at 12.3%. This is where Dods Training comes into play. We realise that people can stick to a resolution, if they are given the correct tools to do so. They say it takes 21 days to kick a bad habit or make a permanent change. It takes around 21 seconds to book onto one of our open courses and receive all the benefits that encompass doing so.

I am not suggesting that booking an open course will immediately mean that you have been one of those (few) people who stick to your new year’s resolution, what I am saying is that it’s a very good starting point and our learning series can help with self-improvements in both the workplace and in your personal life.

We have already run a very successful course this January. This was our Introduction to Public Affairs course that was delivered by one of our very talented trainers Carys Davis. This course is running again on March 1st.  Delegates who took part in this course, not only took learnt, refreshed and refined skills but also expressed that it ‘help give a much better understanding of the workings of Government and ways you can build relationships with MPs’. It was expressed by one the delegates to have a ‘clear format and good broad coverage’. Executive Director, HSI UK.

The majority of our winter courses will be running throughout February and early March. We offer a range of skills, knowledge and personal development courses. So whatever your work worries or goals are, we are able to help. Whether you are overwhelmed with the inevitability of Exiting the EU or simply keen to refine your Business writing skills.

We are able to offer a wide variety of courses to people from both the Public and Private Sector. Courses have been specifically developed to target these sectors, along with Charities. Our private sector courses are delivered by former Civil Servants, meaning their skills are refined and their experiences are relevant. The courses aimed at Public sector workers are also delivered by experts in their field.

Our website it up to date with all the courses we are offering throughout February and March. So take 21 seconds, not 21 days and kick start your self-improvements and 2017 new year’s resolutions! 

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