A Roundup from Tom Brown, Director of Dods Training

Mon 04 Apr 2022

By Tom Brown

A Roundup from Tom Brown, Director of Dods Training

This time last year we were reflecting on what, for many of us, had been the most challenging professional 12 months of our careers.

This year feels different. I don’t want to be flippant – people have their own challenges which emerge over time and every year has difficult or testing periods. But for us, if we were to draw a straight line from this time last year to now it would be an upwards and positive one.

Whilst lots of things have seemed to return to some sort of normal, some of the good changes from the past couple of years appear to be sticking.

Personally, I have found hybrid working has allowed me to be a lot more effective – and also be around for more bath and bedtimes.

In our world, it also looks like a sensible combination of virtual and face to face delivery is starting to emerge. Geographical equity should stick (resources have often been more fairly distributed for learning amongst regional offices with virtual deliveries) but we’ve also come to appreciate the undeniable benefits of being in-room with others, rather than take them for granted.

Measuring impact has always been the holy grail of professional learning. It’s so important but it's not actually that easy to do. But it is more accessible now than ever before thanks to the viability of short quick interventions and improved technology literacy across the board. And it’s one of the trajectories that we are looking forward to improving along this year.

As we’ve heard many times, Covid won’t suddenly be ‘over’ but it does feel we are starting to emerge from the other side. And the possibilities that brings are certainly something to look forward to.

In 2022, Dods Training will continue to listen to clients' needs and deliver training both online and face-to-face if that is what’s requested. We now know that we can be agile with our delivery methods and the feedback from our clients over the last year reflect the quality and impact of the training that we are offering.

I am excited to see what the next 12 months hold, and welcome you on this development journey with us, regardless of if we’ve worked with you previously, or if you are a new client.

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