United Nations Country Teams (UNCT) Mozambique: Media Communication Skills

Wed 03 Aug 2022

United Nations Country Teams (UNCT) Mozambique: Media Communication Skills

The Challenge: The Heads of the United Nations Country Teams (UNCT) wanted to increase both the government and public’s awareness and engagement with the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All held the role of spokespersons and were developing print, TV, and radio campaigns. They requested a two-day training to help them to develop messages and techniques to deliver effectively to the media.

Our Actions: Their experience and expertise as spokespeople and in message development varied. To assist with the design of the workshop, a learning needs assessment was issued to determine the areas of strength and the ones that require more instruction and support.

Two journalists, one with international experience and the other working in the Mozambican context, co-delivered the two-day workshop. Day one focused on different aspects of effective communication interspersed with exercises on becoming familiar with the different audience groups, constructing compelling messages using the SDG materials for different mediums, and preparations for delivery.

Day two focused on context and message delivery, exploring the nuances of the media landscape in Mozambique, what journalists want from an interview, and what and how to prepare. Each participant was interviewed on camera and together with the trainer reviewed the tape, and identified areas that went well, and devised a plan for further development.

The Impact: The training was given a high satisfaction rating in terms of its rich content, relevance, hands-on methods, and delivery. Even though some participants had significant experience, all indicated their knowledge levels increased significantly from the training.


"Very useful training overall."

"Great training delivered by very experienced trainers."

"The practical approach was very useful to fix the theory."

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