UNDP LIBERIA Masterclasses in Anti-Corruption

Wed 27 Jan 2021

UNDP LIBERIA Masterclasses in Anti-Corruption Liberia national flag

Client: UNDP Liberia

Programme: Advanced Training in Anti-Corruption for the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC)

The Challenge: The mission of the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) is to prevent, address, and reduce corruption in the public and private sectors in Liberia and to promote good governance, integrity, and the rule of law. UNDP as a partner to LACC, commissioned Dods to provide an interactive session where their existing knowledge, skills, and practice in detection, investigative, and prosecution procedures can be enhanced through learning about best practices from other countries in the region and beyond.

Our Actions: From the inception meeting, the participants wanted an interactive session of learning from best practice as well as, discussing methods to improve their own case management and challenges within their own context. Dods designed and delivered two sets of masterclasses of one week each and facilitated the development and implementation of change identified and needed to strengthen the organization.

The 10 participants were the 10 staff from LACC (lawyers to administrators) and 1 UNDP representative. Consequently, this was not a beginner’s class but one where seasoned professionals were looking to develop their skills.

The focus of part one was on topics of detection, investigation, prosecution, asset recovery, sanctions and prevention, and ways to influence change in the Liberian context. Their own cases were discussed and compared to the good practice examples in the region to look at what they were doing well and gaining ideas of how they could do things differently to add to their success.
The participants set the agenda for part two. They wanted to delve deeper into case management, communication of their work, issues of adjudication and asset declaration, and into which area they could focus their prevention effort. The class was structured tosupport the participants to not only explore the topics but to collaboratively developpractical implementation strategies and plans to improve their organization.

The Impact: The two weeks were highly rated by the participants. All agreed that the sessions met their objectives, and all indicated their knowledge increased significantly.

Testimonial: 'Understanding Anti-Corruption will help me design the terms of reference and duties of staff better within the commission to redirect our activity and focus to communicating and providing awareness of the prevention activities.’

‘I want to use this medium to appreciate and commend Dods for facilitating the training and look forward to more training opportunities with the Dods.’

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