The Department of Education: Northern Ireland, Speech Writing

Thu 30 Aug 2018

The Department of Education: Northern Ireland, Speech Writing

Client: The Department of Education 
Speech Writing

(Delivered in Dublin, 2017)

The client:

The Department’s primary statutory duty is to promote the education of the people of Northern Ireland and to ensure the effective implementation of education policy. The Department’s main statutory areas of responsibility are 0-4 provision, primary, post-primary and special education and the youth service.

The problem: The department of Education in Northern Ireland got in touch with Dods Training as they wanted us to deliver a one-day bespoke Speech Writing training course. They wanted us to cover a range of speech and presentation styles and techniques that will assist them when writing their own. 

Our actions: For this course, we used an expert trainer with extensive communications experience across Government and the wider public sector. To ensure the training is tailored to the participants’ needs and the types of speeches they would be writing in their roles, we asked the client to send through in advance a number of speeches and presentations they have written in the past. Prior to the course we made sure the trainer has all the relevant information on the participants’ roles and responsibilities and familiarised himself with the work of the organisation.

On the day participants were first asked to discuss their past experiences writing speeches, identifying what worked and what didn’t work. This allowed the trainer to draw up specific learning areas to focus on throughout the day. Participants were then taken through the process of devising content for a speech, including understanding the audience, structures, and the use of rhetorical devises, through analysing videos and texts of famous speeches.

The second half of the day focused on practical exercises for drafting, editing, and delivering a speech. Using what they have learned in the morning, participants were asked to write and deliver a speech followed by feedback from the trainer and their peers.

Conclusion: The training was very well-received with fantastic feedback from the participants

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