Select Committee Training

Wed 26 Sep 2018

Select Committee Training

A global aerospace company were invited to give evidence in front of the UK Parliament’s Defence Select Committee.

Our lead trainer was familiar with training select committee witnesses, and has been a witness in a select committee hearing when working as the Director General for Media and Communications at the Ministry of Defence.

Due to Dods strong connections in parliament and beyond, we were able to source a mock panel with vast experience and a range of relevant expertise. The mock panel included; former chairman of the Defence Select Committee at the Ministry of Defence; a former member of the Social Security Select Committee; a former Director of the National Audit Office who has a vast amount of experience and expertise on large financial projects and spent a lot of his career working closely with the Public Accounts Committee and finally; Bob Ainsworth who in 2009 was appointed to the cabinet as Secretary of State for Defence.

The witnesses undertook a series of mock hearings to get a sense of what to expect ahead of the real event and these sessions were filmed so the witnesses were able to review them.

The feedback following the training from both the client and those involved in delivery was well balanced. The client appreciated the knowledge of the panel and confirmed that the delivery exceeded expectations. They were impressed by Dods flexibility and ability to mobilise at speed.

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