Public Sector Policy Analysis in the CDB

Thu 15 Jul 2021

Public Sector Policy Analysis in the CDB

Client: Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Programme: The Public Sector Policy Analysis and Management Programme

The Challenge: 

There was an implementation deficit in projects and programmes among the borrowing member countries of the Caribbean Development Bank. A capacity gap was identified in policy development and project delivery at different levels of the authority structures of the civil service. 
To address the policy gap, Dods was selected to design and deliver an interactive policy analysis and management training programme to enhance the knowledge and expertise of two tiers of policymakers at the highest level, that is, permanent secretaries and their deputies as well as, those leaders and technocrats who would be delegated to implement the policies. The project delivery training was assigned to the Center for International Development at the University of Wolverhampton. 

Dods’ Response:

The inception phase enabled us to prepare in several ways. The modules were developed by engaging with the local officials to understand where current priorities lie to ensure the content of the programme was appropriate for top levels of government in each country. The modules were designed to be interactive, to foster experience sharing and apply newly introduced tools and strategies.

The Dods training teams comprised of international and Caribbean based experts who brought together international benchmarked global best practice and regional knowledge and understanding. The training approach was to create an environment where officials across ministries shared expertise, experience, perspectives, and applied the learning to live issues.
At the end of each training, participants submitted an action plan with objectives to apply an aspect of learning to their workplace which could be completed within a 4 month time frame. A one-hour webinar led by the trainer followed so that participants could discuss their successes and challenges in instituting their plans and receive further advice from peers and/or trainers.

Action learning sets is a technique of learning and reflection through targeted well formulated questions This learning was offered over a five-month period to several groups of 5 or 6 officials from a mix of neighbouring countries to help them navigate leadership issues confidentially with peers holding similar positions.

Additional Webinars were held and well-attended on topical issues of ‘Using Evidence at every stage of the policy cycle’ and ‘How best to lead and communicate in policymaking’. To encourage the sustainability of the training, human resource leads shared their ideas and plans over a series of virtual meetings.  
Dods with CDB organized a conference titled Leadership in Action for Public Sector Policy Leaders. The event brought together representatives from the World Bank, IMF, UN agencies and senior officials from across the region to discuss issues of leadership and management in their civil service. The evaluations indicated that the event was lively and enriching in terms of the solutions and lessons learned.

The Impact:

Dods trained over 800 senior officials in 19 countries in introductory and advanced public sector policy analysis and management. The policy training enabled senior officials to engage with peers within their countries and across the region to address issues in common. The training methods encouraged an exchange of views, sharing of expertise and applying new tools, strategies and approaches to live issues. 
All of these activities were evaluated and were given consistently high ratings in terms of content, delivery by the trainers, and relevance. 

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