Lagos State Judicial Service Commission: An Overview of the UK Justice System

Sat 23 Apr 2016

Lagos State Judicial Service Commission: An Overview of the UK Justice System

Client: Lagos State Judicial Service Commission

Programme: An Overview of the UK Justice System

(Delivered in London, UK, 2016)

The client

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) is a statutory body responsible for among other things, the appointment, promotion and disciplinary control of Judicial and non-Judicial Staff of the Lagos State Judiciary. The Chairman of the Commission is the Honourable Chief Judge.   

Having previously delivered a very well-received programme in spring 2014, Dods Training was again approached to deliver “An Overview of the UK Justice System” for the most senior members of the JSC. The delegation included the Honourable Chief Judge and Chairman as well as the Hon. Attorney General.

The problem

Building on the successes of the 2014 programme, the client wanted an overview programme, tailored to suit the needs and day-to-day roles of the members of the JSC. The overall objective was to glean best practice from the UK justice system but there were also specific areas the delegation wished to highlight. The group were keen for the programme to encompass tutor-led learning, practical exercises and guided study tours around particular sites of relevance.

Our actions

We responded quickly to the training needs of the group and put together a Programme underscoring the JSC’s areas of particular interest.

As there were several visits to include during the week including Parliament, the Royal Courts of Justice and Supreme Court, it was important to build a programme which logistically allowed for an ambitious schedule whilst also enhanced the learning of delegates.

Our lead trainer for the week had extensive experience working in international development projects across the justice sector. Delivering on tutor-led sessions and chairing guest speaker sessions and panels allowed a flexible working environment in which the group heard from experts and had the opportunity to ask questions about any areas of particular interest. Day one featured an overview of the justice system in the UK, highlighting differences between England and Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland. The day also focused on areas of challenge and simple ways to combat backlog and improve efficiency in the courts. Day two comprised visits to Parliament and UK Supreme Court. In Parliament the group had the opportunity to meet with members of the Justice Select Committee, including the Chair, and view a public inquiry session. On day three delegates heard from the Chief Executive and Head of Operations at the Judicial Appointments Commission. The elongated guest speaker session allowed the group to ask questions and compare their own appointments system in Lagos. Day four featured a range of guest speakers and focused on the Ministry of Justice and day five featured a panel session on non-judicial staff recruitment and visit to the Royal Courts of Justice.


The feedback from the Programme was extremely positive. Delegates were delighted to have the opportunity to hear from a range of expert-level speakers and visit pertinent institutions. The Chief Judge and Chairman commented that the Programme “was very well-arranged and tailored to [our] needs/requirements”. We are currently in conversations about future opportunities.

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