Harlequins Rugby Club – Tier 2 Leadership Programme

Fri 26 Jul 2019

Harlequins Rugby Club – Tier 2 Leadership Programme

Client: The Harlequins Rugby Club (Tier 2 Management)

Programme: Leadership Programme

(Delivered in Twickenham)

The Client:

The Harlequins Rugby Club has a rich heritage of rugby in this country and abroad. For almost a century and half the club has contributed generously to the development of the game both on and off the pitch.

The Problem:

The club contacted Dods as they were looking for a training and development business to deliver a bespoke Leadership Programme for their Tier 2 management employees.

Our Actions:

Dods worked closely with the HR team at Harlequins to develop seven initial bespoke modules for a group of 11 Tier 2s. The day-long modules would be delivered at the Stoop on a monthly basis, starting in January 2018.

The modules covered the specific themes which are critical in supporting the club’s five-year plan and are common areas of development for all Tier 2 members. As well as the three main themes, each of the modules incorporated additional themes of digital and data in order to align with the club’s five-year strategic growth plans.

The three over-arching themes discussed at the outset were: Strategic Thinking, Leading Others and Operational delivery. In addition to the modules our lead trainer for the programme delivered 121 coaching sessions for each member of Tier 2 to help develop and cement their learning.

It was important for us to encompass not only the themes the club requested, but also the personality traits of the club (iconic, courageous and togetherness). We ensured that these three trait were drawn upon during each module and the work produced linked back to the Club.

We completed the Tier 2 leadership programme with an additional two hour action learning session for the delegates. They had the opportunity to discuss the application of their learning in their work environment.

Dods provided ongoing support for Tier 2 staff to ensure best practice was maintained.


The programme was delivered to a high standard and the needs of the Club were met. Tier 2 came away from the programme more confident, better equipped to interact with the Senior Management Team and with the ability to propose and challenge ideas constructively and with impact. Throughout the training and with the additional 121 coaching sessions and course work, they were able to develop entrepreneurial mind-set and present well-judged commercial proposals with both internal members of staff and external stakeholders.

Delegates comments:

Strategic Thinking Training Day

‘Engaging and insightful, generated discussion amongst the group – taught new skills and tools to use – gave people actions and content to take forward’ Project Manager

Building High Performing Teams Training Day

‘I really enjoyed the topic and discussion that came out of the sessions. Perhaps because it is particularly relevant to my role so I found it really interesting to understand some of the improvements I can introduce into my day-to-day role.’ HR Business Partner

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