Government of Vietnam: Overview of UK Parliament

Sat 23 May 2015

Government of Vietnam: Overview of UK Parliament

Client: Government of Vietnam

Programme: Overview of UK Parliament

(Delivered in UK, May, 2015)

The client

In May 2015, the international arm of Dods Training was approached and asked to produce a short, interactive overview of UK Parliament and Government for a group of senior officials from various Government Ministries in Vietnam.

The problem

As part of a wider Programme in the UK, senior delegates from the Government of Vietnam sought to visit London and undertake an orientation visit around the Westminster and Whitehall and have the opportunity to meet with stakeholders of interest.

The international arm of Dods Training has extensive experience hosting delegations from around the world for a range of knowledge programmes spanning various sectors.

Our unrivalled connections with UK Parliament and Government and reinforced via other Dods departments and products such as the House Magazine (the internal journal for parliamentarians) made us the perfect partner for this project.

Our actions

Given that the client wanted delivery within a few weeks, it was fundamental that we work quickly to confirm logistics. Our vast network of expert consultants and guest speakers allowed us to put together an abridged version of our renowned “Overview of UK Parliament” which fitted with the delegation’s schedule.

It was important to incorporate different knowledge elements into the tours and discussions. Our Head of Parliamentary Unit at Dods Training lead the bespoke orientation visit of Whitehall and Westminster. A short walking tour of Whitehall culminating at Parliament square, allowed our experts to point out buildings of historical and political significance. Our extensive network of former Whitehall Civil Servants as well as Parliamentarians means we are able to call on specialists with real experience and knowledge of Whitehall process and procedure at short notice.

Having conducted a brief tour of the area, we facilitated a tour of Parliament through our network of Parliamentarians. Conducting a short tour, a local, long-standing MP offered the delegation the opportunity for open discussion and to ask any questions about Parliamentary process and the way Westminster is run. The group visited both Houses and our MP offered history and explanations about the political system in the UK.


The visits and tours received fantastic feedback and we are currently in discussion about future workings.

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