Government of Tanzania: Corporate Communication, Public Speaking and Protocol

Thu 15 Jan 2015

Government of Tanzania: Corporate Communication, Public Speaking and Protocol

Client: Government Communication Units, Government of Tanzania

Programme: Corporate Communication, Public Speaking and Protocol

(Delivered in UK, January, 2015)

The client

Ahead of the annual Capacity Building Programme with anticipated attendance of 300 officers from Government Communication Units and editors from local media, Dods Training was approached by our partners in Tanzania to assist with the development and delivery of bespoke sessions during the week-long conference.

The problem

The organisers of the conference were keen to create a platform giving participants the opportunity to network and share experiences as well as hear from a range of experts on the various topics throughout the week. The client highlighted the conference as integral, during a globalised age, to building effective communication within leadership. They felt that having an elevated understanding and appreciation for improved communication was fundamental to transparency, good governance and holding leaders to account more generally.

Within that context, we were asked to provide an expert consultant to deliver a set of bespoke sessions specifically focused on “Corporate Communication, Public Speaking and Protocol”.

Our actions

The speaker request for the conference came a week before the event’s delivery date in late January 2015 in Mtwara, Tanzania. We therefore had to work quickly to ensure that all the logistics were in place to design the programme and send the consultant. Dods Training has substantial experience in designing and delivering bespoke communications programmes nationally and internationally and were therefore excellently-placed to undertake the project. Utilising our vast network of over 200 associate trainers we were able to call on colleagues with extensive experience and expertise. Liaising closely with our partners in Tanzania we designed a set of bespoke workshops which could be delivered to a large audience. We incorporated different methodology to cater for all types of learners and included video, presentation and interactive sessions to encourage maximum involvement and interest. In this way we ensured that the sessions would be captivating and enjoyable as well as relevant and fruitful.

We worked quickly to get all logistical arrangements in place so the trainer could fly out to Mtwara at the earliest possible convenience. Coordinating with our partners in Tanzania, we were able to ensure all the technological requirements would be fulfilled and that materials would be printed and distributed in time for the conference. Given the interactive nature of the course, it was important to confirm that IT and audio-visual support staff would be available on the ground during the conference to assist with delivery.


Feedback from the delegates and clients suggested that the sessions had been incredibly well-received. The Tanzanian Government highlighted the sessions on their official website here and many individuals from various Ministries expressed the desire for more such training for their staff.

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