Government negotiation team, Government of Tanzania: Effective Negotiation

Fri 23 Oct 2015

Government negotiation team, Government of Tanzania: Effective Negotiation

Client: Government negotiation team, Government of Tanzania

Programme: The Effective Negotiator

(Delivered in Tanzania, October, 2015)

The client

In autumn 2015 Dods Training were asked to put together a Programme for a negotiation team within the Tanzanian Government.

The problem

The negotiation team was regularly required to conduct international negotiations and was therefore looking for a programme which focused on the strategy and skills required for successful negotiations as well as further developing the capacity for enhancement of communications more generally.

Specifically, the client wanted to cover:

  • Using advanced communications techniques to improve negotiations
  • Establishing and maintaining rapport
  • Using body language and mirroring techniques
  • Overcoming barriers to communication
  • Self-awareness
  • Understanding different perspectives
  • Dealing with aggression and difficult negotiators
  • Overcoming an impasse
  • Cross-cultural communications
  • Tactical negotiation techniques

Our actions

The Dods Training team worked quickly to develop the programme and get the requisite logistics in place for delivery in October.

Working closely with contacts in Tanzania and one of our communications experts, we developed a two-day programme which would incorporate different types of media and learning styles. As the group was relatively large, it was important to build in relevant and applicable exercises which would allow them to put their learning into practice.

Day one focused on building capacity in communication skills including establishing rapport, barriers to communication and different communication styles. It combined NLP theory and practical exercises so delegates could work together and directly apply the learning. Day two focused on advanced negotiation techniques and cross-cultural communications, essential in the field of international negotiations. The day included rigorous negotiation exercises so participants could test their knowledge and learn from peers.


Formal feedback from the delegates suggested they were very satisfied with the training. All participants rated the trainer as either “excellent” or “good”, the two highest awards available. The interactive approach of the course was highly valued by delegates who found the mixed methodology of discussion, video and practical exercises, highly effective.

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