Cybercrime Investigation and Cyber Security Training for CARICOM IMPACS

Thu 24 Aug 2023

Cybercrime Investigation and Cyber Security Training for CARICOM IMPACS

The Challenge

In the wake of the pandemic, cybercrime has become a growing threat to public and private institutions, infrastructure systems and individuals. As the agency tasked with coordinating the cyber security action plans of CARIFORUM member states across the Caribbean, CARICOM IMPAS identified a number of objectives: • Strengthen detection, prevention, investigation and prosecution of cybercrimes • Implement the appropriate legislation to tackle cybercrimes • Facilitate greater coordination and cooperation across law enforcement personnel and security practitioners and the judiciary, including prosecutors, magistrates and judges Dods Training worked with CARICOM IMPACS to create a regional, sustainable capacity building program focused on cybercrime investigation and cyber security across 15 member states.

Our Solution

Dods Training recruited a number of specialists in cyber incident response from the region. We developed and delivered a curriculum for both law enforcement (across 8 weeks) and the judiciary (across 4 weeks). Eleven guest speakers from the Caribbean Court of Justice, Council of Europe and UN Women participated in the sessions, speaking on topics including:

  • the Budapest Convention
  • International Mutual Legal Assistance
  • Demos of digital evidence extraction
  • Standard Operating Procedures for digital investigation and prosecution
  • Gender-based, inter-personal violence and cybercrime, human trafficking

Overall, we delivered 13 cohorts of virtual training and collaborated with 15 agencies to obtain expert perspectives on topics and case studies.

The Impact

Our training programme received high satisfaction ratings in the 90th percentile across all participant groups. We achieved a 90% or more satisfaction rating on all aspects of the program - delivery, content, collaboration and sustainability. All participants indicated that new knowledge and methods were gained.

The virtual nature of the training enabled the mixing of participants and peers from geographical areas which was noted as a bonus by participants. The diversity enriched discussions by providing perspectives, current progress and solutions taking place in different locations, and fostered network building among the cohorts.


“I left with a much greater knowledge of what cybercrime is about and effective investigative strategies.”

“I now have better awareness and knowledge of cyber security and cybercrime and I’m in a better position to participate in meaningful discussion at the policy level.”

“I truly learned a lot about Cybercrime that I had not been aware of before and I actually am excited to preside over matters involving Cybercrime evidence”

“Overall, the course was wonderful, it helped me in my weak areas and showed me techniques to help in cybercrime investigations.”

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