Consultancy on Developing and Retaining Public Sector Workforce in Panama

Mon 22 Mar 2021

Consultancy on Developing and Retaining Public Sector Workforce in Panama

Client: The Panamanian Government 

Programme: Consultancy on Developing and Retaining Public Sector Workforce

The Challenge: 

The government of Panama created the Instituto Superior de Administración Publica (ISAP) to improve its recruitment, retention and development of its public sector workforce. With every new government, its workforce at the leadership level changes bringing in new ideas and practice. Consistency of approach in good practice across the Ministries was the aim

Dods’ Response:

Dods was commissioned to conduct a consultancy to identify the areas of good and weak practice and to develop a set of recommendations for the Board of the Institute and Ministers to consider and put into action. The project had to be completed in a twomonth time frame. The Dods senior consultant conducted a document review related to human resource policy, strategy and procedures that included recruitment practices, remuneration, training and development offer across pay grades and ministries. Secondly, over a one week period, face to face focus and individual interviews were carried out with heads of human resources, the Institute representatives, the ministers, and personnel in different pay grades.

The Impact:

A set of recommendations and timelines were developed and sent for feedback to the counterpart panel of the project to sense check the suggestions and the implementation plan. Comments were received and a final report was produced and given to the Board for their decision and implementation

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