BEIS Academy Policy Programme

Fri 12 Nov 2021

BEIS Academy Policy Programme

Pre-Covid Dods had been delivering the BEIS Policy Excellence week face-to-face, once a month for nearly 2 years. This 5-day programme introduced new starters at BEIS, to the world of policy, policy development and how to implement policy. It included guest speaker sessions from Senior members of staff and subject matter experts and was delivered by those within the Dods Training’s impressive associate network.

Due to the pandemic and the fact that face-to-face training was no longer an option from mid-March 2020, we had to go back to the drawing board. After extensive conversations with BEIS on how we could best deliver this programme online to have the same impact and include all the guest speakers needed to make this a successful programme, we delivered a pilot of the new programme in August 2021. Now we have started 6 out of the 12 cohorts and the programme is receiving great feedback!

The Policy Excellence Programme has been designed to develop new and current policy professionals by encouraging structured policy making through clarity on situation, evidence, options and solutions. The five-week programme uses a mixture of interactive learning, expert support, networking and practical work on a BEIS case study to bring to life the policy making process for attendees and outline their role within it. The programme of five three-hour modules covers and is delivered over 5 weeks.

Module 1 - Overview of Policy Making – What is policy making?

Module 2 - Analysing & Advising – Why we do policy

Module 3 - Design & Planning – How we develop policy

Module 4 - Implementation & Delivery – How we deliver policy

Module 5 – Evaluation – How we review policy

We are delighted to be working with BEIS on this programme and look forward to seeing how our training helps those within BEIS progress. BEIS has been delighted with how the training is going and we will continue to work with them on this.

“There was a strong collaboration between ourselves and Dods to understand our requirements, going the extra mile in prepping our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), having the same set of named facilitators who can easily step in for any missing SME’s, bringing great ideas in terms of design i.e. researching a strong BEIS case study and lining up ex-Ministers for the delegates to practice all they have learned as well as having a Project Manager work with us every step of the way.”

Testimonial from BEIS – Learning and Development HR 

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