Abu Dhabi Police: Management of Policy and the Development of Law

Mon 23 Nov 2015

Abu Dhabi Police: Management of Policy and the Development of Law

Client: Abu Dhabi Police

Programme: Management of Policy and the Development of Law

(Delivered in London, October, 2015)

The client

(From official website) “The General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police in Abu Dhabi Emirate operates with other agencies to achieve a safer society. It seeks to preserve the stability, the reduction of crime and the removal of a sense of fear, as well as contributing to the achievement of justice among the general public.

The vision of the Directorate is to become the police force that is more effective in the field responding to the needs of society with the highest level of integrity and training.

The values of the General Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police are integrity, honesty and respect for human rights. Provide the service fairly and dealing with people reasonably, tact and kindness, as well as promoting teamwork and recognising the contribution of individuals and the group in the achievement and reward their owners.”

The problem

Following in-depth discussion and collaboration, Dods Training were asked to put together a three-day Programme for senior officials from the Abu Dhabi Police. Candidates for the Programme were policy and law experts and wanted a course which incorporated various elements of policy and lawmaking set in a framework of leadership and management in the Civil Service.

Our actions

Dods Training regularly works with governments around the world on best practice-sharing programmes based on the UK Civil Service model. Working closely and regularly with UK Government departments as well as former and serving senior civil servants ensures we have access to expert trainers and senior guest speakers and can tailor programmes to suit the needs of clients and participants. Dods is therefore well-placed to respond to these kinds of requests and work closely with clients and delegations to construct these types of programmes.

On this occasion, the group were keen to combine different learning styles, including lecture-based, practical exercises and case studies with the opportunity to hear from outside experts and undertake visits to institutions to enhance and embed learning.

Our policy experts and project management team combined to put together a proposed schedule. The module focused on the context for policy and law as well as different models for policy and lawmaking. Focusing on bespoke case studies, designed based on real-life policy scenarios relevant in Abu Dhabi, delegates worked through different interactive exercises, to put their learning into practice.

The Progamme also offered external voices from senior experts. During the three days, the delegation heard from a former head of the Parliamentary Counsel and Chief inspector of borders and immigration. They also visited Parliament to hear from the Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee.


The Programme was very well-received and we are currently in discussion about future development of the content, and ways to deliver further programmes to wider audiences in Abu Dhabi and beyond.

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