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Reporting on the 2016 EU Referendum International Visitors' Programme

13 September 2016

As part of the 2016 EU Referendum International Visitors' Programme run on behalf of the Electoral Commission, Dods produced a report covering observations and experiences throughout the week.

Busy summer for Dods Training International

9 August 2016

It’s been a busy summer for the international training team at Dods.

The Importance of Training

25 July 2016

We looked into why training and development is so important for employees and their employer. 

Open courses come to a close until September

22 July 2016

It might have just started to feel like summer in London this week, but our summer series of open courses came to a close yesterday with our Putting Social Media to work course. 

Achieving Value For Money (VFM)

10 June 2016

Those working in the UK public sector will be very familiar with the term ‘value for money’ (often shortened to VFM). Historically much of our delivery has been to UK audiences and ensuring VFM when we put together a learning programme is fundamental to our approach. Our burgeoning international work has allowed us to witness other countries around the world, particularly those heavily affected by the recent drop in oil prices, refocus priorities and start to consider VFM more carefully. UK experiences are often used as a benchmark and we have found ourselves in a strong position to react accordingly. 

Our Guest Speaker Network

20 May 2016

Expert guest speakers add immense value to training programmes and Dods Training has a fantastic network of speakers we can call upon to share their knowledge.

Northern Powerhouse and Policy Making

16 May 2016

Dods Training is working with Manchester Metropolitan University to deliver a series of Understanding Policy and Research programmes for researchers in their humanities and social science departmen

Summer Open Courses Launch

6 May 2016

This week we have officially launched the summer series of our Open courses and what better time for this to happen with the summer weather arriving! 

Open Courses Spring 2016

7 April 2016

This season of Open Courses has been as successful as ever, we have delivered over 30 training courses to a wide variety of delegates from Private and Public sector and also numerous Charities.

A busy autumn for the Dods Training team

5 November 2015

It’s been an exceptionally busy autumn so far for the Dods Training team.

Putting Social Media to Work - Course Review

16 July 2015

On Tuesday 14th July Dods Training ran a new course on the topic of Social Media. Social media is quickly becoming a prevalent front runner in the world of business. The course aims to examine how Public Sector staff can make best use of social media and the growing impact social media users are having on the Public Sector. 

Dods Training hosts 48 delegates from all over the world for four-day Election Programme

1 June 2015

Ahead of the 2015 General Election, Dods Training won a contract, through competitive tender process, to deliver a high-profile four-day International Visitors' Programme.

Training in Tanzania

1 April 2015

Last week two of our top associates flew to Tanzania to deliver a two and a half day training programme. 

UK Civil Service Study Week

31 March 2015

When Dods Training ran a UK Civil Service study week for a group of visiting senior civil servants from overseas, we invited representatives from Civil Service Local North West to explain their work. 

Open Course Overview

30 March 2015

As Dods Training and Westminster Explained wind up another successful open course season we take a brief look at some highlights from recent courses. 

Dods Training in Tanzania

24 February 2015

In late January 2015 Dods Training sent one of its communications professionals to Mtwara, Tanzania to deliver a series of bespoke workshops on effective communications as part of an annual Government conference.

Foreign Press Association - An Insight into the Upcoming Election

19 February 2015

Together with the Foreign Press Association and Dods Monitoring; Dods Training will be delivering a 1 hour webinar for journalists covering the upcoming election in May.

Turkish delegation comes to London as part of pan-EU member state project on disability rights

27 January 2015

In January 2015 Dods Training put together a study visit  for a senior delegation from The Ministry of Family and Social Policy.

Dods Training heads to the Latvian Parliament

9 January 2015

In winter 2014, Dods Training headed back to Riga for a set of masterclasses for senior Parliamentarians.

Chinese delegation visit UK to study CS HR best practice

22 December 2014

In autumn 2014 Dods Training put together a programme for a senior delegation from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Human Resource and Social Security.

Dods Training returns to Brussels

15 December 2014

In late 2014 we were approached by CECIMO (the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries) to deliver a series of sessions in Brussels.

EU Investment Package - Bespoke Masterclasses

26 November 2014

Dods EU Monitoring have launched their briefing on the new EU Investment package; which can be found 

Shanghai doctors study UK Healthcare system

20 November 2014

In November 2014 a group of Chinese clinicians and senior management staff visited the UK.

Senior delegation from Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark head to Westminster

6 November 2014

In late September a senior delegation from Denmark came to London to undertake a two-day bespoke programme on policy and strategy in Government. 

Chinese delegation visit UK to study special economic zones

5 November 2014

In October 2014 a senior delegation from the Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration and Shanghai Municipal Government visited the UK.

Machinery of Government

23 October 2014

We have been working on a brand new 3 day course titled Machinery of government.