Shanghai Songjiang District Health and Family Planning Commission: Healthcare and services in the UK

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Client: Shanghai Songjiang District Health and Family Planning Commission

Programme: Healthcare and services in the UK

(Delivered in UK, 2014)

The client

In early autumn 2014 Dods Training was approached to put together an extensive programme for a group of visiting clinicians and management staff from Shanghai. The delegation comprised senior individuals from the Shanghai Songjiang District Health and Family Planning Commission.

The problem

With a growing population of 1.8 million, Songjiang district is a large district pioneering health care reform in Shanghai. The delegation wanted to come to the UK and glean best practice regarding structure and management from the UK healthcare system. Of particular interest was how different facets of the healthcare system coordinate with one another and how this is managed and regulated.

Our actions

Dods Training has an especially strong grounding in and knowledge of the health sector in the UK. Dods is the current organiser of the annual Future of Health conference and regularly collaborates with the Department of Health and senior management in the NHS. Working quickly, we utilised our wider Dods contacts as well as our own network of over 200 training consultants to put together an intensive programme which would explore the structure and management of the UK healthcare system and the changes implemented by the Health and Social Care Act 2012.

Day one established an overview of government structure and the Department of Health. It also outlined the role of local government in the UK and how local authorities play an enhanced role under new reforms. The day also explored different service providers, outlying the role of Foundation Trusts, independent contractors, the private and third sectors. Day two focused on the NHS structure, funding and management including the commissioning services like CCGs. Day three looked at how integrated health and social care is delivered in the UK and the final day considered the role of quality control and patient safety.

Programme highlights included guest speaker sessions delivered by experts from CCGs, NHS England, NHS Leadership Academy and PSA, a tour of Parliament and meeting with MP on health reform in the UK and tailored case studies focusing on quality control.

In addition the training programme, the group also stipulated they wanted to meet with practitioners and management staff within hospitals, GP practices and relevant health organisations. Working with our well-established network, Dods Training organised and coordinated a range of such meetings including site visits where relevant.


The programme was very well received and we are currently in talks about repeating the event for similar delegations.