National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) - Reading Legislation


Client: National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)                                                                                 

Programme: Reading Legislation

(Delivered in London, UK, 2014)

This has been exceptionally useful and exceeded my expectations for the day by some margin”

Senior Account Manager - NEST

The client

In 2014, Dods Training and Dods Monitoring were asked by NEST to put together a tailored version of an existing course to be delivered in 2014. NEST is an online pension scheme helping employers to meet new workplace pension duties.

The problem

The participants needed a program that went more in depth than our ‘overview of legislation’ open course but was also pitched at the right level without too much technical jargon. The program needed to based on the structure of legislation rather than the process.

Our actions

Having conducted an initial consultation with NEST, Dods Training and a legislative expert took apart the existing program and removed the parts that we felt were not necessary. The training program that we designed focussed heavily on the reading of legislation. The day needed to be practical in order for participants to solidify the days learning. The trainer, related every session back to a piece of legislation that participants were currently working on. This made the day more relevant to the organisation and therefore more valuable.

During the course of the programme, participants were exposed to sessions that covered deconstructing legislation, how and when to influence legislation as well as the day serving a chance for participants to ask an expert specific questions.


The training day was very successful with all participants meeting their training objectives.