About Us

Dods Group plc

Dods Training is the training division of a group of companies, under the umbrella of the Dods Group plc. which currently has offices in London, Paris, Brussels and Berlin. The core function of the group is to provide communication and information products on Parliament and Government, which we have been doing since 1832.

Renowned for the quality, accuracy and relevance of the political information it provides, Dods is one of the oldest political publishing houses in the world. Today, Dods uses online technology to improve the flow of communication, information and knowledge within the wider public sector. Delivering impartial, timely and accurate public affairs and policy intelligence, our pedigree makes us the natural conduit for political and parliamentary communication.

Dods Training

Dods Training is the learning and development division of Dods Group plc. The company was formed 20 years ago because of demand for workshops examining Parliament and Government.

Since then, we have expanded our product range and established our reputation as the leading provider of learning and development on governance and policy making. In addition, we have built a reputation for excellence in providing personal development, communication skills and bespoke training services.

As well as our acclaimed open course programme we also design, develop and deliver bespoke training both in the UK and internationally. We have extensive experience running courses and workshops around the globe and hosting international delegations on study visits to the UK.

We believe you will benefit from using Dods Training because of an unrivalled combination of:

  • Our unique position as a long-standing partner to the UK Government and European Union
  • Our cutting edge methods of working, practical focus and attention to detail
  • Our access to market-leading products offered by the wider Dods Group
  • Our nationwide team of subject matter experts and experienced trainers

Westminster Explained

Westminster Explained is the division of Dods Training which delivers the core skills for dealing with Parliament, Government and policy making. The practical nature of our innovative workshops is blended with discussion and reflection on theory. This combination will help you implement or influence policy and legislation in the UK or on an international stage.

Our courses are aimed at anyone in any sector with an interest in how decisions are taken – and implemented – in government.

Take a look at Westminster Explained's forthcoming open courses here.

You can view our Terms and Conditions here

Our team in Westminster

Our dedicated team, based in Westminster, comprises experts in learning and development and project management. Our ability to call on staff with real and practical experience of designing, developing and delivering training events in the UK and abroad ensures your training needs will be met to the highest standard.

A message from our Director of Development

Our philosophy is based around a simple principle – we want to help you make a difference. That matters to us because staying still is not an option, either for you as an individual or for your organisation.

The changes we see in society – increasing use of new technology, closer examination of government and increasing access by citizens to decision making processes – are always reflected in the services we provide for you.

We constantly review all our products and services to meet ever changing demands. Through this we are able to meet your needs for greater professionalism and continuous improvement whatever your role is in governance, policy making or administration.

Tony Shaw
Director of Development