26 May 2021 - 11am
Trainer: Simon Newman

If you have any questions regarding our webinar series, please contact:

E: customer.service@dods-training.com
T: +44 (0)20 7593 5669

Do you want to better understand the foundations for making and implementing policy?

Join us for our upcoming webinar, where policy expert Simon Newman will share his knowledge with those who are approaching policy work for the first time, or would like to add structure and new ideas to enrich your hands on policy experience. 

This session will be on Wednesday 26th May from 11am BST. 

The webinar will explore these eight interal points:

  1. Policy Basics - What is Policy?
  2. The Strategic Picture - Policy, Evidence and Delivery
  3. The Policy Process 
  4. What Does Good Policy Look Like - Introducing the 10 Principles of Good Policy Making
  5. Developing Policy Options - Innovation and Creativity
  6. Implementation and Delivery - Embedding Policy into Practice
  7. Policy Evaluation - What does Success Look Like?
  8. Why Policy Goes Wrong.