Developing knowledge in the widest sense is Dods Training core function. Part of that is specialising in one to one coaching to enhance skills and broaden your knowledge, no matter what stage of your career you're at. Our team of qualified coaches provide mentoring, support and teaching across a variety of subjects.

Through our consultancy we are able to provide expert advice to organisations and companies on what training might benefit their workforce and how to implement it. This service is available when advice alone is required, or as part of a programme where we also provide the training.

Coaching & Consultancy

What are the coaching options?

  • Coaching executives for best performance
  • Team coaching
  • Career development
  • Preparing for interview and promotion 
  • One to one coaching to follow up group workshops

What are the consultancy options?

  • Specialist advice on identifying training needs
  • Guidance on finding the right people to fulfil roles
  • Performance evaluation and how to show improvement
  • Organisational development
  • Support with transformation projects