18 Jan 2021| Online

Communication skills, European Union, Influencing skills, Leadership and management, Personal development

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As business becomes more international, there is a critical need for people to enhance their competency in working with cultural differences as they work in virtual teams or in real time with colleagues, alliance partners, suppliers and potential customers. Unless cultural differences are addressed effectively misunderstandings and misjudgments can spiral into causing undermining relations with alliance partners, staff attrition, low productivity and morale. Major international companies have surmised that cultural mismanagement causes increased overheads of 26% and regard the skill of successfully working across borders as an essential and required competency. 

Leading or working inside multi-cultural teams on short-term projects calls for cultural awareness and sensitivity. Making cross-border corporate or individual collaboration work well requires great skill. In all cases you need to have a global mind-set and this course will assist the new or experienced global leader, manager or member of an international team in developing the skills to ensure team and career success across cultures.

Who will benefit from attending?

All who work across borders and those who manage and communicate with colleagues and clients from different cultures. Team leaders and team members. The interactive and practical nature of this generic cross-cultural seminar is designed to help participants to remember and use what they have learnt when they confront difficult situations in the future. They will examine their own values and compare them with colleagues from other cultures

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  1. Develop the key skills to work effectively across borders
  2. Enhance greater cross-cultural awareness and sensitivity
  3. Increase the productivity of real time and virtual international teams
  4. Sustaining a competitive edge in working globally
  5. Establish a key competency for international work;
  6. Enable people to be more confident and effective in their cross-cultural communication, avoiding costly misunderstandings
  7. Give participants tools to work productively across cultural boundaries