Face to Face Briefings

28 November 2017
  • Communication skills
  • Personal development

Trainer: Katie Driver

The ability to handle face to face briefings with confidence remains a key skill, even when working in an increasingly online world.  This event will help participants to prepare and plan effectively for crucial meetings with senior leaders and stakeholders, enabling them to feel more confident even before entering the room.  The event will also build participants’ ability to deliver a briefing clearly, concisely and calmly even when facing questions and debate.  We will explore the additional challenges which arise when briefing as a team.  Exercises and discussion will help participants to refine their oral briefing skills and develop the strategies which work for their own circumstances.

Who will benefit from attending

People who need to engage effectively and persuasively with senior leaders or important stakeholders in order to achieve their organisation’s goals.

Learning outcomes

Participants will:

  • Understand what’s required in a face to face briefing and why different approaches are often needed
  • Learn how to select and structure relevant information so that they can deliver a clear and concise briefing in a logical manner
  • Discover how to prepare as individuals in order to increase self-confidence
  • Explore ways to engage with their audience by establishing rapport through verbal and non-verbal approaches, understanding different communication preferences, and listening well
  • Develop the ability to handle questions and challenges calmly and effectively
  • Know what to anticipate and how to deliver when briefing as part of a team
  • Practice their face to face briefing skills and learn from the experiences of others on the event as well as exploring real life examples and case studies

Organisational benefit

Better face to face briefings between staff and senior leaders help to improve the flow of information within organisations and enable better decision-making.  Better face to face briefings with key stakeholders help to establish and maintain trust and improve communications.