Essential Writing Skills

6 June 2018
  • Communication skills
  • Personal development
  • Writing skills

Trainer: Tina Seth 

This workshop gives delegates the essential writing skills needed for everyday work.  It gives them the techniques that will help ensure that every document they write works hard and achieves its intended objectives.  In this way, delegates will develop greater confidence in their writing ability and cut down on the time spent drafting and re-editing.

The day will explore the techniques for improving all written communications. Delegates can bring along current work (such as e-mails, letters to the public, requests, memos etc) so that they can review their own approaches against the techniques explained and get expert advice.

Who can attend?

  • Anyone who needs to write clearly and effectively.

Objectives and outcomes

Participants will learn how to:

  • apply an efficient, fail-safe method to identify their point and the supporting information
  • present a fluent and logical structure every time
  • become ruthless editors of their own writing
  • make sure they get their intended response
  • make their writing clearer and more professional.

Organisational benefits

Participants will return to their workplace with a greater understanding of how to:

  • achieve joint understanding between writer and reader with the minimum number of exchanges
  • get it right first time – content, structure and style
  • understand how to get to the point at the beginning
  • encourage precisely the response they intend
  • avoid giving detail that confuses or is irrelevant
  • project the corporate image appropriately.